The 11th National Workshop on EPD in China

Date: Sep. 19-21, 2012

Address: Teacher Training Center in Tongzhou District, Beijing

Theme: ESD: The Road to Quality Education

Key files: Deepening Education for Sustainable Development;

                 The UN’s New Conclusions and New Challenges for ESD in China.

Effects: Disseminated the latest files on UN’s ESD and exhibited experience on ESD of Tongzhou   District of Beijing.

Official Program of the 11th National Workshop

Official Program of the 11th National Workshop

Theme Reports on the 11th National Workshop

Deepening Education for Sustainable Development (Tao Xiping)

Introduction of Education for Sustainable Development in Asia Pacific Region (Lay Cheng TAN)

Education for Sustainable Development: Breakthrough of the Innovative Talents Training Mode (Liu Limin)

Demonstration Cities of Building Education for Sustainable Development (Li Yi)

Main Challenges and Tasks of Global Sustainable Development (Charles Hopkins)

Education for All, Comprehensive Education and Education for Sustainable Development (Shi Long)

Well Build Education for Sustainable Development Experimental zone to Promote Quality Education Development in Tongzhou (Zhang Shaowu)

Promote Quality Education: Major Trends and Educational Experiences on Education for Sustainable Development in Southeast Asian Countries (Choi Mee Young)

Create Quality Education in Education for Sustainable Development (Li Xuehong)

Progresses and Challenges on Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in Indonesia School (Stien Matakupan)

Curriculum Research and Development and Classroom Teaching of Education for Sustainable Development (Merle Tan)

Key factors of ESD Developmental at Present Stage (Li E, Zhang Qin)

ESD: United Nation’s New Conclusion and China's New Progress – Discourse of Rio Summit on Education for Sustainable Development and of China ESD Quality Test Results (Shi Gendong)

The 11th National Workshop Group Discussion

[The First Group: Education for Sustainable Development Promotes Quality Education]

ESD Theory leads School Sustainable Development (Beijing Yunhe Middle School)

Focus on Cultural Understanding and Enhance the Quality of Education (Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School)

Construct Ecological Culture of Education, Establish Quality Education System and Build Schools with Characteristics in South Guangdong Province (Guangzhou Xiehe Middle School)

Highlight the Charm of Education for Sustainable Development with Regional Quality Education (ESD project, Fangshan Education Institute branch)

Education for Sustainable Development Helps Improve School Education Quality (Beijing No.9 Middle School)

Build Cross-domain ESD Sharing Platform with the Use of New Technologies (Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development)

Carry out Education for Sustainable Development, Advocate Green Living Habits, and Promote Weak Schools Transformation (Baotou Zhao Jiaying Primary School)

Education for Sustainable Development Index Construction and Practice Research in Primary School ( Hongmiao Primary School, Beijing West District)

[The Second Group: School Promotion of Education for Sustainable Development]

Ways to Carry out Education for Sustainable Development in Mathematics Teaching (Beijing Zhong Guancun No.2 Primary School)

Practice Research on World Heritage and National Culture Education in Middle School Curriculums (Beijing No.65 Middle School)

[The Third Group: Special Curriculums and Teaching of Education for Sustainable Development]

Education for Sustainable Development with School Curriculum and Classroom Teaching (No.2 Middle School Attached to Shanghai Tongji University)

Learn to Explore the Usage of Exercise Books in the Experiment of Sustainable Teaching (Ping Guoyuan No.2 Primary School, Beijing Shijingshan District)

Focus on the “History” around Students, and Carry out Education for Sustainable Development with Traditional Culture (Beijing Zhong Guancun Middle School)

Respect for Differences and Unleash Potentials--Strategic Research on Promoting “Potential Raw” Sustainable Development in Physical Education (Experimental Primary School, Shanghai Minhang District)

Develop Capacity of Sustainable Development for the Benefit of Future Generations and Self-happiness (Primary Section of Ting Zizhuang School, Beijing Changping District)

The Impact of Human Activities on Other Organisms (Dayu No.2 Primary School Beijing Men Tougou District)

Integrate Resources, Build Mode, and Promote Curriculum Construction with Characteristics of Education for Sustainable Development (Ma Juqiao School, Beijing Tongzhong District)

Construction and Effectiveness of Sustainable Teaching Mode (Beijing Ping Guoyuan Middle School)

Visible Demonstration on Railway Passenger Transport Services (Beijing Information Management School)

Primary School, Beijing West District)


The 11th National Workshop

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