The 5th National Workshop on EPD in China

Date: May 24-25, 2001

Address: Local Government of Fangshan District, Beijing

Them: Carry out EPD under the Direction of Subjective Education and Sustainable Development.

Key files: The Guideline for EPD Project in China, Report on Guideline for EPD Project in China


1.      Pointed out subjective education and sustainable development as the basic concept of EPD in China;

2.      Put forward 16-character principle for implementing EPD: Student Inquiring, comprehensive infusion, cooperative activities, common development of knowledge and practice;

3.      Put forward promotion strategy for school development as member schoolsexperimental schoolsmodel schools.


1.      Released The Guideline for EPD Project in China;

2.      EPD in China began to entry into the new development phase;

3.      Schools actively began to carry out research on EPD practice mode under the direction of 16-character principles;

4.      Promote EPD school construction according to the Guideline.

Awards List of the 5th National Workshop

Awards List of Excellent Thesis

EPD Project First Batch of Experimental School List

Organizations of the 5th National Workshop

Lists of Members of the Secretariat and Invited Guests

Organizations of Working Committee for the Project on EPD in China

Agenda on the 5th National Workshop

The 5th National Workshop

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